How much does it cost to replace the front main seal? on 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

Oil leak was very small at first but now it is visible on engine and quite often after parking overnight. Leak is on pavement about tennis ball size sometimes larger sometimes smaller. Leak is Found on passenger side about 6 inches behind back of bumper and 6 inches from tire the oil changers said it was leaking from one of the front or rear seals and perhaps the upper gasket as well - I do have to add oil within 500 miles of driving - how much will this cost for any or all of these problems to be fixed? Thanks

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Should be about $580.00 including your oil change
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To repair an oil leak you should fix the top leak first as it may be the only leak, but when flowing down it appears to be somewhere else. Valve cover 85.00 Front crankshaft seal 530.00
thanks - I noticed this am that the tennis ball size leak is a lot closer to my front bumper than I first thought a few inches away from corner of bumper on passenger side - I do not know if this means anything different - let me know if it does...I will keep you in mind for repairs you are closer than Dublin.
I would bet its the valve cover gasket as it will leak down and appear to be the seal, Have a shop check or replace that first
have you look at the power steering high preassure ? do you have any problem with p steering . valve cover gasket it does leak 500 miles of driving is common to use oil some of the 2,4 may use 1 quart others may not do it depends of manny factors in radiator sopport area have thans cooler radiator power sterring cooler radiator and the hose running'tosystem are in that area'
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