How much does it cost to repair cylinder 2 misfire? on 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Was told the spark plugs and wires are fine. The cylinder blocks out of alignment; need to be "shaved" or something.

Agree with Hal, his price quote is what is charged here in my area of CA for that work, these engines blow head gaskets just a bad design by Subaru. Very labor intensive to do (engine needs to be removed), people neglect to check valve clearances on this engine, have seen that set misfires on the older generation 2.5L
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Not enough info bubba. Do you have blown head gasket? For basic head gasket job you'll spend $2,100.00 with just cylinder head resurface. If the pressure test goes sideways and you need a valve job add another $800.00. How many miles on the engine? You should do a leakdown test to make the rings are okay. We won't perform this work on an engine that has a cylinder with more than 20% leakage by the rings.