How much clearance do I need to remove oil pan? on 1993 Honda Accord

I was able to remove the center beam, and the front exhaust bolts came off nicely (so I was able to pull the exhaust down about 5 inches from the oil pan). I was not able to remove the bolts on the other side of the pipe to make more clearance. I just want to make sure 5 inches will be enough room to remove the oil pan before I attempt. How far back do you have to pull it to clear the oil pump assembly. Thank you!

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That should give you enough room.Remove the exhaust bracket from the back of the block not just from the exhaust pipe.Rubber gasket , steel pan- Make sure you get ALL the little washer inserts (in the gasket when new) off the bottom edge of the block around the studs or else you'll be doing it all again. Best advice I can give- Use HONDA gasket , clean the hell out of it all -dry surface !! ONLY use 'Hondabond' or similar sealant at corners of gasket (at 'u' shape) , and a LITTLE dab at each side where the front cover and block meet. CLEAN AND DRY AND LESS GOO IS BETTER!
One of the exhaust nuts (after reinstalling) will not back out again. It turns (with a decent amount of effort) but does not back out. I know I didn't cross-thread it because it went in smooth.
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Remove the exhaust
More easier for you to work on it