how many timing chains does my car have on 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

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My car is making a kind of loud rattle or ticking noise when i crank it and while im driving and has been for a few weeks.I was told its my timing chain and that my car has two. What parts do i need to buy to fix this prolem?
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Yes it is the timing chain and yes it does require 2 chains, an upper and lower chain. I bought the timing chain kit and an extra chain $200. Labor will cost a lot of money. I was quoted as high as $460 but found a shop to do for $280.
it is not an upper and lower it is the camshaft timing chain and a ballcance shaft chain. i just had a car with this problem a few weeks ago. it calls for about 5.2 hours on mitchell and was not that bad of a change. most likely you have a busted upper guide but dont be fooled into thinking you can chnge only that, if its broke you have a stretched chain.good luck