How many o2 sensors on my car and where? on 2003 Kia Sorento

My dealer wanted $370 for o2 sensor replacement - said sensor part was $250. Looks like a DIY.

I looked for part[s] and I find a 15cm 4 wire for about $30. I also find 3 [?] different ones [lower left, upper right, lower right] priced at $68 each.

Is this a DIY job or not?

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You need to find out the code stored in your cars computer when the check engine light came on. A code can be set for either the heater circuit or performance for any of the Oxygen sensors. The car has multiple Oxygen sensors one for each bank of cylinders and rear oxygen sensor is used to monitor catalytic convector efficiency. It is important to know the code to decipher which sensor is bad. Some sensors are easier than others to replace ,but generally can be done by anyone with mechanical ability. Lisle make a cheap O2 sensor removal tool available at most good parts store. I would suggest using a sensor that has original type electrical connection.
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go to advanced auto and get the universal for 67.99. i just did this . the dealer said 280.00 bunch of bs. you'll need to follow th instructions but it's fairly easy. (diy)