2001 Dodge Dakota Q&A

2001 Dodge Dakota Question: How many miles do i need to drive to reset ODBII?

i disconnected my battery to do some repairs before i got a smog test they told me i need to drive awhile to reset my ODBII before it will pass, so how many miles do i need to drive or for how long? -
Answer 1
Please see the following RepairPal articles to learn about resetting the OBDII monitors on your 2001 Dodge Dakota: http://repairpal.com/drive-cycle-emissions-readiness http://repairpal.com/drive-cycle-how-to-perform-a-basic-drive-cycle http://repairpal.com/drive-cycle-problems -
Answer 2
You have to drive approx 40 warm up cycles for the truck to learn your driving patterns after the ODB system has been shut down. FYI, your OBD system was not actually shut down. Simply disconnecting a battery cable DOES NOT reset the computer. -