2001 Volkswagen Beetle Q&A

2001 Volkswagen Beetle Question: How many miles can I expect out of my Beetle?

I've taken good care of my Beetle, done all scheduled maintenance, oil changes, etc. It has had a ton of maintenance over the years and is getting close to 100K. Considering the problems I have had, I am thinking about getting another car, but most of the times the cheapest car you can get is the one you got...so I was wondering what mileage VW Beetles usually get up to without extensive cost prohibitive repairs. -
Answer 1
change your timing belt and water pump now, keep your maintenance up and you should get another 100,000. Roy -
Answer 2
A well maintained Beetle can last 200,000 or more but the downside is maintance..Timing belts,shocks,tires,alignments,etc can cost a lot.If your a beetle fan like myself you might be better off trading for a new one....Checkout the new CC way to cool and not many on the road...stands out like no other. -