how many locations are there for the fuses? on 1997 Mercedes-Benz S320

how many locations are there for the fuses. I am aware of two locations. Under the hood driver side and in the trunk passinger side. Are there any other locations of the fuse links for this car?

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in the trunk, passenger side kick panel,

under the hood,

i believe thats all..
what controls the automatic door locking internal or external, and not sure if my key folb is working or not, it doesnt lock my doors or trunk, what could this be, a fuse? I checked no fuses are blown
that control,, is inbedded the gem module, or pcm,, i would have you fob checked first.
could it be the battery in the folb? When i press the folb button, the infared light comes on, but dim like. Could this be the problem or the ecu module or the pcm which you stated? I noticed a fuse were blown 20amp i replaced it, and the locking system started working again, and it stop again. The fuse were intact this time. Strange!