How many labor hours does it take to replace the clutch on a 2004 kia sorento? on 2004 Kia Sorento

I have 228,000 miles and I have to replace the clutch.

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6.0hrs if its 2 wheel drive and 7 if its all wheel drive plus resurface flywheel approx 60.00
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1/2 hour labor - Raise car - remove wheels- replace car- done. VOTE for Mickey!..............I don't agree with either of those other fellas. I think it should be 6&1/2 hours regardless of if all 4 wheels are on it, or just 2.
Is it a 2WD or 4WD? It could be six or seven hours labor depending on that...I would also recommend resurfacing the flywheel and replacing the rear main seal. If the CV axleshafts are questionable, now is the best time to replace them.
wow really u agree w/me. surprise
Not surprised, most of your answers are correct...just that some of them are asking to be corrected.
Meep? Meep?