How many ignition coils on a 2006 Kia sorento ex on 2006 Kia Sorento

Im having a missfire while driving at various speeds it feels like a sudden jerk my car did that today and then it shot down I tried to restart it but it wouldn't the check engine light came on 5 minutes later I tried again and it started without a problem I have been feeling this hesitation for about a month now but it was very sporadic today the engine died on me luckily it restarted after a few minutes I'm waiting for the dealer to open to take it in I'm guessing is an ignition coil... Not sure though

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the sorento has 3 coil packs on the spark plugs on the drivers side of the engine
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is there a ck eng light on? a bad coil should not kill the engine though
Thanks for the reply
Yes the check engine light came on and the engine wouldnt start for a minute I tought the timing belt was broken the engine did not make any weird noises though