how many hour does it normally take to pull engine and replace with known good on 2007 Saturn Aura

used engine from like lkq.

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agree w/ miles but also if your doin it yourself add mucho hrs
And a bottle of tylenol to go with a case of beer!!
Obviously, if you need tylenol , you don't have ENOUGH BEER!!
Or way to much! And no the motor dont go in the trunk.
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depends on what accessories you have such as air condtioning I havent done one but I would guess between10 to 12 hrs if your doing it yourself without a hoist it will take you a lot longer
real time I would estimate 14 to 16 range. Time is one of those things also depends on the skill level of who ever is doing the job. Real exsperenced tech that could do job in less time providing there are no problems with frozen bolts etc.
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