How many gallons is my gas tank & how many miles I get on a full tank on 2010 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a automatic jetta S with drivable options of sport and/or tiptronic stick shift 5 cylinder gasoline powered vehicle with 2.5 liter engine

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We don't know! you will have to tell us. go fill it up and reset the trip meter to ZERO. drive it until lets say when it gets down to 1/4 tank..go back and fill it up,and look on the trip(MILES YOU PUT ON IT) say you put 300 miles on it and it took 12.189 gallons back in it to fill it up..take the miles divide by gallons that you put in this will tell you how many MPG you got
miles per gallon...this is an example only>300 miles divided by 12.189 gallons=24.61 mpg.