1991 Ford Thunderbird SC Q&A

1991 Ford Thunderbird SC Question: how many ft pounds of torque do i put on the heads and the intake and the roaker arms

i am replacing the head gaskets and i just need held to get this thing together as soon as possible i would really appricate it if someone could help me thank u -
Answer 1
Uses Torque to yield bolts (always replace them) Head torque, lightly oil all bolts. There is 6 steps to tightening the head bolts and correct tightening procedure needs to be followed. Tighten to all bolts to 37ft/lb then all to 45 ft/lb, then all to 52 ft/lb then all to 59 ft/lb. Loosen the bolts 2 to 3 turns, tighten all bolts to 48 to 55 ft/lbs Next tighten an additional 90 to 110 degrees of rotation Rocker torque 19 to 25 ft/lb. The instructions need to be followed exactly so it is best to get a workshop manual specific to that engine. Intake manifold -
Answer 2
mi problema son los frenos yo pare mi auto por casi 3 anos para repararlo los frenos serbian perfectamente cuando la reparacion termino no funcionan estan super duros por favor gracias -