How many converters does this car have? I thought it only had one.
on 2002 Saturn L300

The car is not drivable. It will start, but when put in drive or reverse it loses power and shuts off.

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Is the 'check engine' light on? When it 'loses power and shuts off' , is it like someone's popping the clutch on a manual trans. while holding the brake? If so ,have the TCM scanned for codes , as #2 said it may be a lock-up problem with the torque converter clutch SYSTEM. If the check engine light IS on you may want to have that diagnosed first. Post codes so we can help.
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it could be a bad tcc solenoid which locks up the torque converter if it locks up too early engine will stall
Parts manual list it has 2. Front one is made into front exhaust pipe.