2002 Saturn L300 Q&A

2002 Saturn L300 Question: How many converters does this car have? I thought it only had one.

The car is not drivable. It will start, but when put in drive or reverse it loses power and shuts off. -
Answer 1
Parts manual list it has 2. Front one is made into front exhaust pipe. -
Answer 2
it could be a bad tcc solenoid which locks up the torque converter if it locks up too early engine will stall -
Answer 3
Is the 'check engine' light on? When it 'loses power and shuts off' , is it like someone's popping the clutch on a manual trans. while holding the brake? If so ,have the TCM scanned for codes , as #2 said it may be a lock-up problem with the torque converter clutch SYSTEM. If the check engine light IS on you may want to have that diagnosed first. Post codes so we can help. -