1999 Toyota Solara Q&A

1999 Toyota Solara Question: how many coils do i actually have in my 1999 toyota solara,4 cyl?

i was told i needed to replace my 2 coils today while in strauss auto. however while looking online, i am only seeing 1 coil coming up for my car.... can u explain this to me please... thank you -
Answer 1
alldata shows only 1 coil. did you get a detailed bill that states 2 coils?? do you have the year correct?? Roy -
Answer 2
My book shows one coil for cylinders 1,4 and One more coil for cylinders 2,3 So they are correct -
Comment 1
alldata showed the 2.0 for the 99. that one has 1 coil. you are correct with the 2.2. thanks for clearing it up. Roy -
Comment 2
Thanks Roy -