How many brakelines are there for a complete brake job rusted out + total cost on 1998 Buick LeSabre

I got a brake line replacement and the guy told me he needed to replace all the lines cause they were all rusted out . He charges me for 12 CK* pieces of brake line and and told me I was now safe and would not have another problem. 4 months later my brakes went and the guy says he did 10 KS* this time and now says there is another set that still need doing I was charged $247 the first time and $156 the second time and now am wondering why there are so many pieces of brake lines for this car and why he told me the first time he did them that I would not have to worry again about my brake lines cause they were all set. Is this correct that I need that many lines in this car or am I being taken?

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rust can ruin alot of things,you may have up to 12 lines but they should have all been repl the 1st go need to discuss this with him and bring you invoices.
Thank You So Much globalhelper I had that feeling that I had been taken I am usually pretty good at figuring it out .I did show him my receipt from a few months ago and he tried to tell me it was 12 feet of brake line no all my years when I was younger brake lines were longer than a foot and I also did bring to his attention what he told me . He made all kinds of excuses and it was then I really thought my suspicions were correct . I thank you for answering me. I had to pay the man to get my car back but I do know one thing tho I am looking for another machanic .I need to trust my guy that works on my car ,he always was fair before and I knew it but my intuition was in drive this time so now he is done! Have a great day
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