How long should new suspension air bags last? on 1996 Lincoln Town Car

The original suspension air bags lasted 13 years. New ones installed 2 years ago and air bag suspension is out again.

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They are a problem with those cars but should last more than two years were they "new parts"? Not sure about Lincoln but some Range Rover and Jaguar had a kit to convert to traditional shocks and springs.
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I disagree. Conventional coil springs are miserable for a Town Car. And, this time, the springs are probably not the problem anyway. It is likely the compressor not doing its part, or tmore likely, the drier leaking. Replacing a drier can be less than $250. Go for a diagnosis and have it checked before committing to anything. Good luck.
best to put new spring back in place of air bags
air bags are more expensive to maintain than springs but the ride is worth it unless you are on a budget and then you probably shouldn't own a lincoln,they are fine cars but like any luxury car they are more expensive to maintain when thay get older.