How long should new suspension air bags last? on 1996 Lincoln Town Car

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The original suspension air bags lasted 13 years. New ones installed 2 years ago and air bag suspension is out again.
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They are a problem with those cars but should last more than two years were they "new parts"? Not sure about Lincoln but some Range Rover and Jaguar had a kit to convert to traditional shocks and springs.
I disagree. Conventional coil springs are miserable for a Town Car. And, this time, the springs are probably not the problem anyway. It is likely the compressor not doing its part, or tmore likely, the drier leaking. Replacing a drier can be less than $250. Go for a diagnosis and have it checked before committing to anything. Good luck.
air bags are more expensive to maintain than springs but the ride is worth it unless you are on a budget and then you probably shouldn't own a lincoln,they are fine cars but like any luxury car they are more expensive to maintain when thay get older.