How long should it take to do the repairs? on 1998 GMC 1500 Pickup

The first time the problem occured was in Sept. It would not start. I had it towed tho a repair shop. The brought it back and billed me for $885+. The truck sat in the yard for weeks And the it would'nt start. Had it towed back to be fixed. Sat for aperiod of time and again it wouldn't start. Had it towed back now they say they cantn' figure out why it wount start. the have replaced (supposedley three fule pumps the last time we called they stll hanen't got it fixed!! Got an answer?

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You need for someone else, preferably a GM specialist, to check this out.
Here's a directory link for you:
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why would they replace three fuel pumps if it wasn't the problem the first time? chances are it's either the ignition module .5 hrs or the throttle position sensor at .5 hrs...disconnect the pos terminal on the battery for both jobs 2 screws and a plug on each part and done both parts usually under $150.00 bucks combined one is on the left side top as you face the motor next to your ign coil and the other is on the right side of the throttle body okay?
...good luck Al