How long should bushing and bearings last? on 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Had mine replaced in Aug 2011 and was told they need to be replaced again now

How many miles since replacement? What kind of road conditions? How long did the originals last? Were they replaced with OEM (dealer) parts , or aftermarket parts? That info might help give you a more informed answer.
Thanks ... ive driven on normal road conditions- highway and major roads. Nothing terrible. I replaced them in 2011 at the VW Dealer; I have had the car since 2003 and 2011 was the first time I replaced them. Not sure if they were replaced before I got the car. The car had 200,000 miles at the time(in August 2011). Now it has almost 224,000. Thanks
Does sound a little to soon. Is it the VW dealer that's recommending them again , or another shop? .........Maybe get a second opinion from another (trusted) shop.