How long does it typically take to have an oil pan gasket replaced? on 2002 Honda Accord

I was told during my last oil change that I need an "oil pan gasket" replaced but that shop did not do this type of repair. I want to schedule the repair but I am not sure how long I should expect my car to be in the shop. Any ideas?

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You can get this estimate here and choose oil pan re seal
My book shows 1.7 hours of labor so if you make a appointment in advance so the shop can have the gasket set ready it should be no more than 2 days max
Thank you, GetrDone. I got the estimate already - its the time it takes that I am trying to understand. How long will this take???
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I am not sure on an Accord in particular but it took me (a woman) and my daughter about an hour, maybe a little more and we did it ourself without the assistance of a lift and all the right tools. Other than the fact you have to get under the car all that is involved is draining the oil, taking off the bolts and dropping the pan and using the adhesive sealer and placing on the new gasket and bolting it back up tight.