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2000 Ford Mustang Question: how long does it take to replace freeze plugs

one was replaced behind l/h motor mount, the other was replaced behind the starter. they charged $1325 to do this and replace the intake gaskets. was i overcharged? -
Answer 1
Since you are on repairpal why not look it up on the estimate section at your zip code. Shops labor rates, quality of parts used and quality of workmanship can vary. All depends on what has to be done to gain access to replaced components. Your question leaves too much to interpretation. repairpal estimate should get you in the ballpark to see if price was ok. -
Answer 2
The Estimator won't quote freeze plugs. It's just beyond its limitations. Neither ALLDATA and Mitchell, nor the factory time guide has a quote for a freeze plug. It's an actual time situation, based on location and condition of removing the old plug. It's hard to say if you were overcharged. Since your repair is based off of actual time, it depends on the quality of the tech and workmanship you received. -