how long does it take to change the timing belt. on 1999 Toyota Camry

i removed bolts from the cover and turned the engine and the timing belt is not turning. need to re-time the engine and install a new belt

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About 5-6 hrs. on average in the back yard. What is your skill level and toolbox ammunition like? This repair is a tad above DIY. Water pump needs to be replaced too,crank pulley bolt can be tough to remove without an impact wrench, for just a couple of reasons. Now, if any oil leaks, this is the time to fix those as well. Cam & Crankshaft seals, oil pump seals(2) and check all other timing componets also.
Thanks, I do medium and heavy duty truck repair, am going to take this as a side job favor to a friend. Tool box is deep as is knowledge but don't usually do automotive. Thanks again
You wont have any problem then. Not a bad job, NOT an interference engune either! You can get a tming componer kit with water pump at most parts stores.
You will be able to tell what it needs exactly, glad it's being done by a fellow tech! Full instructions come with the belt tensioner from Advance Auto, if needed!
Since this is one of those friend type repairs, you may want to just install the belt and be done. Done that before with good results as well., if H2O pump is ok.
Thanks for your reply. Getting started on this project today. I appreciate your insite and suggestions. I don't anticipate any problems. thanks again.
You wont have any trouble! Crank pulley just pulls right off, usually by hand! Just not a lot of room for working up top. Compared to what you usually work on, i bet.