How long does it take gas to burn out my exhaust system on 1992 Toyota Camry

The excess gas that I was getting n my oil and coming out tailpipe was caused by broken start injector timer switch. I replaced timer and cold start injector, am not getting gas n oil anymore. Running fairly well,just getting white smoke. How long does it take to burn out?

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Run it down the road a mile or two, turn around, drive back, that will do it 'IF' excess fuel is the trouble. Did you change the oil?
I changed oil before I started the engine. I let it idle in yard about an hour. Gas that was coming out tailpipe turned milky looking and started drying up. Still smoking right right much. I'm guessing the muffler and everything is probably soaked with gas. Will that affect catalyst convertor
yes it does effect cat. But try a can of seafoam treatment and do as the other guy it