How long does a timing belt and water pump lasts on my 2001 Volkswagon? on 2001 Volkswagen Passat

I had the waterpump and timing belt done in 2008 at 108,000miles and just recently had to get it done at 135,000 is this normal?

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By "it" do you mean the timing belt or water pump? If you are referring to water pump failure, then, while I would not call it "normal," I will say that, sadly, it is not unusual. The plastic impeller on the factory VW pump does not last very long. Whenever you get it replaced, make sure that the shop uses an aftermarket pump with the upgraded metal impeller. They may be a little more up front, maybe as much as $50 or $75 extra, but well worth it compared to doing the job again. At my shop we will only replace the VW water pumps with metal impeller units. It just isn't worth saving a few bucks to risk having a dissatisfied customer.
Thanks, I had to get both timing belt and waterpump replaced, in 2008 at 108,000 and was charged $898, and just recenlty again both waterpump and timing belt 135,000 at $596 something is not right here. At the time I didnt had my receipt, but was able to locate it, I dont think I should have gotten charged for something that was done, what do you think? Then in 2009 I had my front outer rods replaced, two years later had to get them replaced I dont know much about cars, but I think that either the work is not being done or something is going on where I'm taking my vehicle.
What was different between the two jobs? As a shop, pricing timing belt jobs is a little frustrating because there is so much that can go into the job. It is possible to just replace the timing belt, and nothing else, and have a low-ball quote that will get a customer in the door every time. The problem is that if anything else related to the timing belt fails, that's going to be one angry customer. On the other end, you can replace the belt, camshaft and crankshaft seals, water pump, tensioner, pulleys, and accessory belts, all with high quality parts, and the repair should be as good or better than factory. I'm guessing that on the first repair, they did something more like the latter, and on the second job, they probably replaced just the belt and the water pump, which may not have been a bad thing, if everything else is good and they used a metal impeller pump.
On the tie rods, I'm at a bit of a loss. It's kind of hard to screw up installing tie rods to where they will fail prematurely. A manufacturing defect or cheap parts are the most likely culprits.
Thank you so much, I have my receipt where in 2008 both timing belt and waterpump were done. Its just a bit frustrating that I had to get both replaced again on May 25, 2012.