How long can I wait to change serpentine belt? on 2004 Ford Escape

My 2004 Escape, V6 has 107,000 miles and I was told I need to change the serpentine belt. How soon do I need to change it and can I do it myself? I'm pretty handy but don't want to get stuck.

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The belts should be inspected on every oil change approx 5,000 miles. If this is the original belt at 107,000 miles I would reccommend replacing it. The best way to tell if it needs replacing is having a qualified technician do a visual inspection. If the belt is fraying or has "chunks" missing replace it immediately...however small cracks can be normal. We will be glad to be a free inspection at Mike Shad Ford Lincoln. Thanks Barry 904 317 7702
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you should change your belt every 20 to 30000 miles and you can do it yourself