How is oil gettin in radiator, no milky signs on oil/transmiss stick on 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

truk was parked to fix missin screw on gear stik column. Truk sat for cpl wks thru 2 ngts very low temps. Batt died,went to charge it, ck coolant, bone dry. added water first to make sure no hole in radiator. drained water and full of oil. oil and trans stik free from milk. no evidence of this problem b4 i parked it 4 gear stik trouble.

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Sounds like to me you need to find where the coolant leak is! Bone dry!! Where did it go while it was parked?
was told fill radia. up n drive it, see if temp guage starts risin, look 4 leak. Is this safe to do?
Gotta do whatcha gotta do.
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Oil cooler possible freeze, ruptured tank. Better drain oil pan, and possible transmission for water before you run it. Was the oil level high on stick.
oil level still in good range. Had not been long since having oil changed