How in the hell do I get the fan nut off my truck very limited tool on 1998 GMC Jimmy

Monkey wrenchs hammer sockets extensions screwdrivers alt. off compres brack is off I'm tiered want to get it off fix truck go home and sleep!!!!!

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After fan shroud is removed and BEFORE taking the belt off turn big nut on the fan clutch to the left to remove the fan. GM has regular old right hand threads! Hammer and long punch (or rod) works pretty good to move the nut to the LEFT!
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slight chatter with air hammer always works. good luck
BEST WAY I HAVE EVER TRIED! To loosen and tighten. (if available) If not the old fashion way will work when tools are limited and nothing close by! Country mechanicing!
Rent proper tool if you do not have.
Yep, that is the BEST thing to do, if you can get a ride.
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