How I get under the hood of my Mountaineer to fix the sparks plugs. on 2010 Mercury Mountaineer

I misplaced my keys to my vehicle and I need to fix the spark plugs so i was wondering how I can still pop the hood to put new spark plugs in?

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get a tow company to open your door for you, or find your keys. lol...
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you should have a latch on the driver side down near the floor on the left side ,now as to the changing of your spark plugs you will need the keys to start eng ,if you are the org owner of the car you can get ford to make you keys , as to the changing of your spark plugs follow the ford service bulletin TSB 08-7-6 to the letter if you don't you got more problems also make very sure your eng. is cold not warm or hot but cold if you need the ford TSB 08-7-6 let me know