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1999 Plymouth Breeze Question: how hot should it be under the hood of your car when you raise the hood

I went out for a ten minute drive I been checking my car for about 3 days now and It seem hot under my hood I changed my thermost and my fuse to my fan now its working. I did just get a new starter , my car is not leaking coolant, there no white smoke, the temperture is normal. Do you think its my radiator or temperture sensor or what do you think oh 1 more question does your water pump have to be leaking water for it to be in bad shape? -
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All engine compartments get hot. Even hotter after stopping car and heat builds up. What does temp. gauge read? -
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its alittle below the half mark where its suppose to be -
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ok -
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I agree with wetry on temp. question. To answer other part of question- no the water pump does not have to be leaking in order to be faulty. If the cooling system has not been serviced properly the impeller (fan blade-like thingy that actually pumps the coolant) may rust/rot over time becoming less effective. -
Answer 2
when was the last time you had your system flushed out? If its been a while or you haven't, either buy a flush kit or have it done at the garage. -