How hard is to put a transmission in this car? on 1993 Buick Century

The old transmission needs to come out. The reverse has came out and I can't back up.

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It depends on what you consider hard. The engine has to be supported, part or all of the front sub-frame must be removed, only then will the transmission come out from the bottom.
Thanks for the info. My husband has the job to do.
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He can find great repair manuals with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, parts locations and other important information here:
It will be a great help for him to do the job if he has all the tools.

Thank you for the info. I do believe he has all the tools he needs.
That's a good start.
How about any grey hair yet ? : )

A few, but he will probably have a lot more after the job is
Lucky him, mine falls out before it could turn grey, lol.
He might need some extra hands when removing and re-installing the tranny.
Good luck with the project!

Thank you very much.