how hard is it to change the heat actuator on a 1990 2500 non a/c truck and wher on 1990 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

no heat and it blow's cold out of all the vents

Both heater hoses hot after engine has reached normal operating temp? If not, possible heater core restriction or stuck open thermostat! Cooling system FULL?

Heater core can be flushed out, it might help.
cooling system is full, both hoses are hot at operating temp, the temp rise's like the thermostat is ok, I just drove it fifty mile's with no issue's just no heat, I bought it a month ago at a auction county shop owned, and it has sat for a few month's
Thank You Very Much
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poss heater control valve is stuck closed
is this under the dash ?
Thank You Very Much
By "heat actuator" are you referring to the electronic actuator mounted to the air box inside the cab?
I think it is cable controlled on this one!
I was told there was a gear driven actuator but it may be cable, I am wandering which way to go into the dash first
thank you
Drop the glove box down, look on top of the heater box.
thank you I will do that today
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