How hard is it to change the ac compressor? It locked up on 2003 Ford Escape

Ac compressor started making noice then would quit , now it's locked
Up tight smoking the s belt. How do you replace it, anything special
I should know ?

Asked by for the 2003 Ford Escape
Is it smoking with the compressor off, it could be the pulley bearing and not the compressor.
Don't know for sure, she did tell me 2 days before
That the ac quit working leading me to think
Compressor died, what/ which/ where pulley bearing you think?
Just trying to see if the belt smokes with the ac off then the pulley bearing would be the problem and if the compressor is locked then the whe thing needs replaced. Flushing the condenser would also have to be done.
Ok thanks, I'll check it out, never flushed a condenser
How do you do it, special equiptment?. Thought
If changing compressor then have it serviced.
A lot more to it if you want a warranty.
Ok it was the compressor clutch went bad
Changed clutch but still won't kick in, added freon
Found one 15 fuze blown, tested input to the
Clutch no voltage, checked relays, fuzes, inside
An outside boxes, what to do next? What did
I forget?
Did you change the magnet for the clutch as well.
Bought the whole clutch, from o relley, had a front plate
Bolts on, mag ring held on by c clip,with plug on back
Put meter on plug to clutch showed no volts
Will the hub turn the compressor, will to spin by hand. The hub not the pulley.
Yes, I can turn it
Check fuse #9 3amp in central junction box, below left end of dash. Then fuse #17 15amp in engine junction box. Check the pressure switches. The computer engages the relay if the pressure switches are in proper order, with the temp sensor signal. Relay may be burned.
I checked the relays, replaced one fuze, how
Do you check the other presure sensors?
Could it be the dash switch gone bad?
Something is not letting power get to the clutch
To engage?
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