how hard is doing the tune up myself?? on 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

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My car sputters occasionally, and since it has over 100,000k miles - and i bought it used - I would like to have a tune up done. If possible, I preer to save some money and do it myself.
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Not to difficult if you have some mechanic ability. Start with an air filter and oil change with filter. Then replace the fuel filter and then add some sea foam or fuel system cleaner to the tank to remove water, deposits, and help clean injectors. Next, always a good idea to replace spark plugs and wires. Use OEM style or upgraded plugs only. Remove MAF sensor and clean the temp. sensor rods with MAF cleaner. It is usally about 6 inches from the air filter toward the engine. If you have any check engine lights always get them read for free at a place like Autozone and post on this site for additional assist. Hope this helps you.