How fast will a ford Taurus go? on 2006 Ford Taurus

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How fast will a Ford taurus go? How many miles to gallon?
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My old Taurus was smooth through 85mph but I never really drove it much faster than that. I would bet the newer Taurus's are computer limited to 110 mph or so
I have a 1995 Taurus SHO and it will do 140mph according to the speedometer. Mileage is usually around 17MPG when I am driving it but I am sure it can get higher if I keep my foot out of it.
When I say 140MPH on the speedometer I mean it reads 140MPH. I'm not sure if the speedometer is accurate at that speed. I could test it with the GPS but I haven't. I know my bike will do 180MPH according to the speedometer but it was only doing 165MPH or 170MPH.
36 miles to gallon
our V6 goes faster than 110mph. I bet at the most it could reach 130
That depends on the Taurus in question and what engine it has, as well as the wheels and even tires. I'm sure you can easily get it up over 100 miles and hour, though. Are you thinking of racing?

The 2006 Taurus is rated 20 MPG by the EPA.
And its a 1996 by the way
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