How does the Transmission Control Module look? on 1994 BMW 525i

Online says that the module is located in the middle of the ECU an ABS module. My car does not have a module in the center. Where is it an how does it look?

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On the '94 models it should be in the e-box, just like you said, between the engine and the ABS module, unless it's a manual transmission, which doesn't have a control module.

Is it the same size as the ECU and ABS modules?
Same size, similar look.


BTW> are you sure it's a 94 and not a 93? In the older models the control unit have a different location.
It is a 93. Where is it?
So you give us wrong info, than a thumb down, because you don't like the answer?? Nice..

It's under the passenger side footwell.

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