how does one change the coil in the distributor? on 1995 Geo Prizm

my car died, it slowly just kept losing power. then the radiator took a dump and the car over heated....i changed the spark plugs to bosch from ngk. 3 days later the car sounded like it was running on 3 cyl. when i started it up yesterday. I went about half a mile when suddenly the car just died! I changed the rotor,and cap. Still no spark at the plugs. i just got a coil for it. how do I change it?

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I have never seen a coil in the distributor
ok ok lol could you please tell me where under the hood it is ... i'm in a motel and i have to leave with my family on the street because ...i make money, daily,with my car, my car quit running....i'm broke..2 grand kids , a daughter, wife, all counting on me to fix this #@!$%^ car. i need help please,, i already changed the distributor cap and rotor and i have a coil and i just dont know what to do... and these people from india that manage this place just care only about money and humiliating those who are less fortunate. frankly , i am very pleased for your response to my question in which i only posted a few hours ago i looked online for info which i cant navigate too good and i am running out of time
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Timing belt ok? Make sure the dist is actually turning while someone cranks the engine! COIL IS INTERNAL, however replacing the 'complete distributor'is your best bet, IF IT IS TURNING WITH ENGINE. IF it is not turning while engine is, then your TIMIMG BELT is the problem!
Now, while i understand your predicament, kinda, you should seek a mechanically inclined person to help you out! I know most people are not, but i think you would be better off finding one that is. Either way good luck!
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If the coil's part of the distributor then buy a remanufactured distributor. Milt's Service Garage is in Vallejo. Call Danny at (707)643-7548 to schedule a drop off.
The coil is under the distributor cap. I have changed mine at least a dozen times.