1995 Chrysler Cirrus Q&A

1995 Chrysler Cirrus Question: How do you test the computer

My husband got up and started the car and he went out to leave and it stalled and now it only cranks over but don't have any spark . we changed the Crank cencer checked for cracks in the ditibertor . -
Answer 1
Make sure the distributor turning while cranking the engine! -
Comment 1
I don't know what you are meaning about that please explain better please -
Comment 2
Remove the dist cap have someone try to start the engine to see if the dist is rotating. If not it is possible the timing belt is broken. -
Comment 3
it's not broke what eles would it be -
Comment 4
Distributor! -
Comment 5
so replace the distibetor -
Comment 6
Without calling a wrecker for tow to the shop or a mobile mechanic to confirm that is what is needed,,then yes replace the distributor! -
Comment 7
ok I will replace it I will let you know thanks -
Answer 2
you have been fightingthis for a while poss seek proper diag and get this baby on the road -
Comment 1
be leave i need to that's what I'm trying to do this is my only vehicle so do you think the disibortor to -
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