How do you set the dashboard clock? on 1999 Jeep Cherokee

I bought it used but there was no owner's manual

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Turn key on, clock should be on, locate the 'small' H and M buttons on the radio face, use the tip of a ballpoint pen, toothpick or the like to push buttions as desired for the correct time. In this case you probably just want to change the H (hour) so push that 'small' button with a small tool or pen tip. Just keep playing around with it, you will get the hang of it. LOOK into getting an owners manual,, got to have that, BUNCH of must know info. in it!!! Read it, you will be the first to do so, nobody does! However you will also learn a lot of important stuff about your vehicle that can save you not only money, but 'lives' as well~! It is a SUV and will react differently than a car while driving and a sudden change of direction is desperately needed!
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sorry to tell you guys, just bought a used 2005 cherokee and I DO use the manual and it SUCKS, there are NO pictures in the clock section and NOWHERE it shows H or M anywhere on the face of dashboard or anywhere else, where are they?
Well now since you have an entirely different vehicle than the one posted in the original question >> A lot newer year model *GRAND CHEROKEE* .. It is an entirely different proceedure! .. See page 188 in your OWNERS MANUAL and 'read' how to set the time listed under *Clock Setting Proceedure* .. No, there ain't no pictures, just words!
I can not find a forum wih my SUV model 2005, since this mentions H and M buttons but are NOT displayed on the dashboard, can somebody help me where to locate them. Thanks!
Your 2005 vehicle does not have that set up! .. I gave you the information where to find how you set the clock in your owners manual .. Even posted the page number! .. What else can anyone possibly do??
Pushrod, I really appreciate your help, you are totally right, the manual says; Pin/pen/nail/pencil into the small button that has an M and H next to it. Unfortunately, there is NO M or H in my dashboard, is a pity that I can not send a picture here.
Google this video link, click on it then watch it >▪️▪️That's all I can do!