how do you rplace the clips that hold the actuating rods for the door latch rods on 1994 Dodge Dakota

The clips have broken due to age and wear and tear. I have the door panels off and just need some reference on wear some of the clips go. the doors still open from the inside.

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With a small bright flashlight look at the other side with window down, best done at night or low ambient light.
Can carefully wedge window opening apart somewhat. That is if it is still intact. If not try Yahoo image view.
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Sounds like the rod from the door latch, to the door outside handle is the problem. With the window UP use a flashlight, to look inside the door at the back of the door handle. You should see a hole in a small arm closest to the door latch. See if it has the rod attached to it or if the hole is broken. If the arm or hole is broken replace the outside handle. There should be two screws or bolts holding it in the door from the inside. If that is ok and the rod is attached, look down towards the latch there should be a hole for the rod clip to push into. See if that clip is broken, if so push it out of the hole and replace the clip on the end of the latch rod and then push it back into the hole in the latch.