how do you reset the emission light on a 2002 rsx type-s on 2002 Acura RSX

its not the "check engine" light but the emissions one. it looks like a picture of a camera or something and its yellow. any way i do all of my own work i recently replaced the h20 sensor just wanna reset the light so i can see if it worked.

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The Check Engine light needs a scan tool to turn off the light to erase the code set by the O2 sensor signal or heater circuit failure.
To reset the maintainence reminder light turn off the engine press and hold down the "reset" button on the instrument cluster, turn the ignition key to on (not engine running) and keep the reset button held down for ten to fifteen seconds and then release.
hey sir i have a ?. i recently got my car inspected and my srs light was on in my dash i had to pay money to get it checjed and turned off and same 4 the check engine light i have a acrua rsx type s 02.... runs great keep oil change and plugs brakes...etc., so im wonderin any tips i got the codes writtiin done from the scanner i got done ....wut can i do to get that egnine light off ..thanj you
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Had some water in my gas and the emission light came on . I pulled the fuel tank, cleaned the lines and injectors drained the fuel completely, reassemble and fresh gas.The rsx has never run better, but the emission light is still on. What can I do here at home, would taking the negative lead off the battery, and then putting it back on reset the light or will this damage the computer. I have crashed the computers in other cars and it worked, so what do you think?
Mine is a 2006 rsx with 99950 on the clock. Thanks