1995 Cadillac Seville STS Q&A

1995 Cadillac Seville STS Question: How do you reset the change oil light?

My 'change oil soon' light stay's on and I just had the oil changed and I need to know how to reset it so it goes off.Please,Thank You -
Answer 1
If you had the oil changed for you, then the location that changed the oil should have reset it. If they didn't then they didn't finish the job. It's a non-trivial process that you'll need some specific documentation to perform--but they should do it for you. It's very unprofessional to not complete the work. -
Comment 1
Thank you Matt i'll just have to take it back for them to do but in the mean time does anyone know how to reset it? -
Answer 2
This is easy, you hit the "information" button on the pad to the left of the steering wheel a few times until the display reads "change oil now" (or in your case "change oil soon"), then hit and hold reset key until the display reads "oil life 100%", then you're done. Just hit the information button to get back to where you want it afterwards. The change oil sensor goes by viscocity not by mileage, so when it says to change it is a good idea to do so. -
Answer 3
How do I reset the change break pads light -
Answer 4
How do you reset the oil percentage gage -