2008 Ford Taurus Q&A

2008 Ford Taurus Question: how do you reset heater/ac moduel.

makes clicking noise in dash when starting car or when turning off heater or turning on, was told i could reset moduel is this true or is it something else -
Answer 1
blend actuator is mostly bad,resetting will only set but it will still click.it resets itself upon every pwr up and will do so until actuator is repl -
Comment 1
where is blend actuator located, an do i have to take entire dash loose, also can this lead to a vaccum leak -
Comment 2
there are 3 so determine which is bad and locate it. 2 are easy and 1 is a 5 hr job.good luck -
Comment 3
can you send me a picture of where those 3 blend actuator are located. -
Comment 4
look at www.alldatadiy.com -