how do you replace the original carpeting? Where is the best place/price 2 buy? on 2006 Lexus GX470

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I have had lots of problems with my carpeting. I have large holes on the drivers side and have had to replace the floor mats twice. No other vehicle that I have owned has had this poor quality of carpeting. My Mercedes was owned for 10 years and I never had a problem with the original factory installed carpeting. Where can I get new (ivory/beige) carpeting and what is the best possible price for it? Can I install it myself? Does anyone have the instructions?
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It's difficult to replace the whole carpet set and would only be available from Lexus. The seats and lower trim panel;s would have to come out. There is a company that independent auto repair shops get their information from, this same information is available inexpensively for people that work on their own cars.. The information is year make and model specific, covering repair procedures, torque specifications, fluid capacities and specifications, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... Alldata is very easy to navigate
We work on a lot of Lexus and I don't see them wear more than any other make of car we work on.
Maybe check out this site
this is very durable and wear well.