How do you replace the front brake pads on my 2007 Ford Escape. It's not hybrid on 2007 Ford Escape

I have the pads but need to know how to install

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Jack the vechicle up and remove the tire. Remove the caliper with a ratchet probably a 14mm or 15mm socket. Hang caliper up on coil spring with some wire or a bungee cord so not to stress caliper flexible brake line. Remove caliper mounting bracket with a ratchet probably a 18mm socket. If you are replacing rotors as well you should, tap on rotor to break it free and remove. Put new rotor on. Install new brake pads into caliper mounting bracket and fasten it back on steering knuckle. Open cap on brake reservoir above master cylinder to allow free flow of brake fluid. Now put old brake pad on the brake caliper and use large C-clamp to compress the brake cylinder fully so it will fit over new pads. Install brake caliper by reattaching it to the mounting bracket. Be sure everything is tight and reattach tire. Repeat for other side. (*****Note you will have to pump brake multiple times after finishing this process to extend brake cylinders to new pads and tighten up the brakes.)
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