1995 Ford Taurus Q&A

1995 Ford Taurus Question: how do you replace the freeze plugs?

The plug that is leaking is on the firewall side of the engine. -
Answer 1
Is tough place for first time for the task. You just have to knock it in. Trying very hard to keep from knocking it all the way in. 1 you need it for sizing the replacement 2 it can restrict coolant flow. once you have got it out go find the replacement at parts store. Replacement will have a nut in center of rubber plug and be just about same size. Tighten it to expand it plugging the hole. Snug is usually good enough. if you happen to knock it in just move on cause your not getting it out without much wasted energy. it will survive in its new home. -
Answer 2
coolant leaking to front on driver side -
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my car wont hold any water i need to replace freeze plugs but dont know how many i have or where they are located HELP
It looks like an orange spark plug wire in the area of the freeze plug. does the transaxle have to come out to repair?