How do you replace the Brake preesure tranducer located on the master cylinder? on 2003 Ford Explorer

Any help on how to replace?

Asked by for the 2003 Ford Explorer
do you mean for the cruize control?
Yes it controls the cruise control and the ABS
it unscrews from master cyl and should come with an updated wiring pigtail. easy to do you may not even have to bleed master when your done if you do it quickly
So its easy enough to do yourself?
yes it is
If we dont replace it right away will it cause any problems?
it will leak and could cause cruize issues.i think there was a recall on the wiring part. you may want to call the dealer with your vin # and see if that was done.i believe it was done due to poss fire issues. il look for you. one moment please. i didn't find one in all data but call anyway its worth the phone call. i know they had issues,but don't know what yrs it covered
I do not think mine was on the recall from what I can find. It is a 2003 ford explorer. Can you tell me exactly what I need to do to replace this? Thanks!
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