How do you replace the belt for the A/C compressor for a 93 VW Fox? on 1993 Volkswagen Fox

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I am trying to replace the belt (#17325) on my a/c compressor but I do not see any kind of tensionor release.
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The number indicates a "V" belt and may not have a tensioner. The compressor itself likely has to be loosened at the mounts and then it will move/pivot to allow for belt install and retension.
If the belt mount area has no tensioner then either the a/c compressor moves or another component that the belt goes around does. Sometimes the belt runs more than the compressor. If it only runs the compressor then I still say the compressor moves and you cannot see it. I just noticed where you are at. I used to live in Gladstone. If you can drive it without causing a problem then take it to Dale's Automotive in Lenexa and he will help you. Ask for Dale and tell him Ron says hi. He is a very close friend.