how do you replace rear bearing hub on 2006 lexus rx330 on 2006 Lexus RX330

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diagrams will be helpful
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It is not that difficult, quite a bit of disassembly required. Take of the brake disc and caliper, don't have to open the hydraulics, remove the suspension from the bub but you will need to bring the Hub to a machine shop to have the cartridge style wheel bearing pressed in and the new one pressed in! Alldata is the best source for information as Raiderron said.
I'm sure the bearing hub assembly comes as a complete unit. Not sure if there is a key to remove before loosining spindle nut and I need to know at what torque (if there is any)to tighten nut after replacing bearing hub.
You can purchase very inexpensive repair manuals at the parts store that will have step by step instructions and diagrams/pics. It may also require special torx head male/female sockets for you to take apart. Because your brakes are there you will want to be very careful when doing this repair. You can also try this link.

For AllData:
Here's the one for Mitchell as well: