how do you replace brake-pad? on 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK500

do you need to deactivate ABS before replace the front and rear brake-pad? and how do you replace them?

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If you are going to do some work on your car you really should get a workshop manual but many of the paper manuals you buy in parts stores are a little too generic yet the Mercedes manuals cost is prohibitive.
Independent repair shops use either Alldata or Mitchell to get repair information. We buy the whole system for all cars which is expensive, but for private owners Alldata for a yearly small fee allow you online axcess to one vehicle. You get all the Technical Service Bulletins, repair procedures, wiring diagrams, trouble chasing procedures ect...
It will give you enough information to know whether you can tackle a job at home or better leave it to a repair shop. A link to their website is