How do you replace Brake light Switch? on 1994 Ford Ranger

I bought a replacement Brake Light switch from Auto Zone yesterday, but it did not come with any instructions or photos or diagrams on how to remove old switch and replace the new one. Help!!

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Your brake light switch is mounted on/near the brake pedal lever. Look at the original switch and see how it is mounted, then do the same with the new switch. Be sure that the new and old switch match perfectly.
What if the black plastic bracket that the switch fits in broke? Any ideas on where to get a new one?
Yes, you will have to go to the dealer or to a wrecking yard. Good Luck!
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how to replace a brake switch on a ford ranger I need to see a picture
On 94 Ranger Brake Light Switch, I unplugged wire connection to turn lights out, but can't get part off the short shaft that goes through the 2 holes . Does it have a key or pin or ring or something that holds it in place and has to be removed. Something is holding the part on there. I am trying to figure out what that is?